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4 Popular Wedding Themes for Your Orlando Wedding

4 Popular Wedding Themes for Your Orlando Wedding

If you are getting married in the future, then picking out a theme for your wedding can bring many loose ends together. This helps to make your wedding look coordinated even if you are on a do-it-yourself budget. Here are some ideas that you will want to consider implementing.


Rustic has been one of the most popular themes over the last several years, and this theme is not going anywhere soon. One of the reasons for this is that couples find it easy to relax and have fun when embracing a rustic theme. In order to keep this theme fresh, however, many couples are choosing to add a secondary theme. One very popular choice is to pair rustic with vintage. For example, you may want to use vintage furniture and lace signs to give your wedding a vintage Bohemian theme. When choosing this theme, you may want to consider hosting your wedding in a garden or at a farm where nature’s beauty abounds.


While every wedding is romantic, but a romantic theme takes this idea over the top. These weddings often put a lot of emphasis on traditions. Some couples are choosing to host these weddings in traditional wedding venues. Others are embracing traditions from their unique cultural backgrounds and making them part of their own wedding ceremony. These ceremonies often use twinkle lights to help set the mood. Another popular way to pull off this theme is to host your wedding at a ballroom with all the traditional ballroom wedding décor.


You will feel like a king or a queen on your wedding day when you choose to go with a glamour theme. We will not tell a soul that when you use wedding rentals in Orlando from Gala Rentals that you can create this theme on a shoestring budget. Consider using large floral arrangements in the middle of tables at your reception and beautiful arches throughout your wedding and reception area. You may also want to put some special effects into your wedding dances, like pyrotechnics.  Many couples are choosing larger-than-life flower arrangements in unusual places, like the entryway to a chapel, o help pull this theme off.

Mood Weddings

One of the hottest new trends is to embrace darker moodier colors as opposed to traditional whites, blues, and pinks that are often seen at weddings. Using tealight candles and foliage with darker colored leaves as centerpieces and décor help couples set this trend that can be very dramatic when implemented correctly.

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