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5 Trendy Wedding Colors for 2019

5 Trendy Wedding Colors for 2019

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the most important decisions that you will need to make quickly. It will be a determining factor in so many other decisions that you make that getting this choice out of the way quickly will help you coordinate your wedding. Your wedding colors may be visible in the decorations that you choose, the guy’s tuxedos, your wedding bouquet, and your wedding cake. Here are five trendy choices for 2019.


Soft Blush and Navy

If you are looking for timeless wedding colors, then make sure to consider soft blush and navy. This color combination quietly says preppy meets pretty. Consider incorporating some sea mist and a light champagne color into your décor to make an impression on your guests that they will not soon forget. 


Corral Peach with Evergreen

Celebrate the beautiful colors of Florida by choosing corral peach and evergreen for your wedding colors. While couples have chosen evergreen for one of their winter wedding colors for a long time, combining it with corral peach is perfect any time of the year. Think about adding in some blue fog and pink glass to your decorations and bridal bouquet. 


Pineapple and Ivy Green

Pineapple is such a great wedding color as it seems to scream happiness. You can easily tone it down a bit by combining it with ivy green. While this color combination looks stunning anywhere, it seems to be particularly fitting for an outdoor wedding with the sun shining down on your glorious celebration of love. When ordering your wedding rentals in Orlando consider incorporating some blush into chair decorations, aisle streamers and in other surprising places. 


Green Willow and Blonde

If you are looking for some vintage inspiration for your wedding, consider green willow and blonde. This color combination is great for a garden wedding like those held at Harry P. Leu Gardens or at Celebration Gardens as they naturally highlight the soft pastels found naturally in these settings. Wedding cakes with these colors look especially beautiful, especially if you add in some celadon, peach, and lilac. 


Antique Sage, Pinot Noir

The vintage look is back in a big way in 2019, and a great way to celebrate this is by choosing antique sage and Pinot Noir. Surprise the guests at your wedding in a chic location in Orlando by choosing this color combination to effortlessly tie in something old and something new. If you want to use some coordinating colors, think about using neutrals, like rainy day and greige. 


After you have chosen your wedding colors, come to Gala Trends showroom or send us an email as we want to help with all your wedding rentals in Orlando. You will find our team very easy to work with, and you can trust us to be extremely reliable.