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Alternatives to Traditional Bridal Bouquets

Alternatives to Traditional Bridal Bouquets

Many brides are choosing to forego the traditional bridal bouquet. Some are doing it because they are conscious of their wedding budget, and they have higher priorities where they want to spend the money. Others are doing it because choosing an alternative is a great way to make their wedding their own. Some are doing it avoid allergy problems on their wedding day while still others are doing it as they want to help protect the environment. If you are one of these brides, you may want to consider these alternatives to traditional bridal bouquets.

Arm Garland

If you are not sure that you are ready to forego flowers altogether, then an arm garland may be the perfect answer for you. Florists usually make them on a piece of a vine with one end forming a ring for you to wear. Strategically placed along the vine are a few flowers. Similar to a wrist corsage, this option frees up your hands so that you can do other things with them during your ceremony.


You may also want to consider carrying a beautiful parasol during the ceremony. Carrying a parasol can be a particularly great choice if you think you might get too hot during an outside service as it can be used to shade you from the sun. You can choose a vintage one for a historical look or choose one in one of your wedding colors for a more modern look.


You can choose to carry a decorated wooden or metal embroidery hoop during your ceremony. Some brides decide to tie ribbons in their wedding colors to the bottom to make it look festive. Others choose to adorn the circle with dried or natural flowers. While some couples want to have only the bride carry a hoop, others opt for the entire bridal party to carry matching hoops.

Feather Bouquet

If you love the thought of carrying a bouquet, but you do not want a traditional flower one, then consider a feather bouquet. The feathers can be natural or manmade. A feather bouquet particularly an excellent option for brides looking to give their white dress a bright pop of color.


Carrying a bunch of fun-colored balloons can be an outstanding choice for the whimsical bride. You may want to go with ones matching your wedding colors, or you may want to go with heart-shaped options. You may even want to plan a balloon lease as part of your ceremony.

Regardless if you decide on carrying a traditional bouquet or choose another option, there are lots of beautiful ways that you can decorate for your lovely day while helping protect the environment and staying on a budget. You should contact Gala Rentals about wedding rentals in Orlando. They have all your chairs, tables, ottomans, and other needs covered. Completing wedding rentals in Orlando by working with Gala Rentals is a great way to make your ceremony and reception beautiful and unique.