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Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is where it all happens. The wedding gown, the food, the wedding cake and everything you spent all the months planning end up at the wedding venue. This makes choosing the right venue for your wedding one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process. Orlando brides are lucky to have such a wide variety of venues to choose from. The beautiful city has enough venues to fit every bride’s style and budget. While some brides go for the extravagant luxury ball room weddings, others opt for a more intimate rustic celebration at a park or even the beach. Regardless of what type of venue you choose, there are some essentials most weddings can’t do without. Some of these include chairs, tables, decor and reception items. If you’re a bride or groom looking for wedding rentals in Orlando, call Gala Rental and speak to one of our experienced wedding designers. Given our diverse inventory, we are confident that you will find the perfect rentals to suit your wedding day.

So how do you find the perfect venue with so many to choose from?


1. Start with the guest list

One of the first things you should start with when planning a wedding is figuring out your guest list. In order to pick your venue, you don’t need the exact number of guest but you should have an idea of how many guests you’ll be inviting. All venues will have a limit to the number of guests they can accommodate. If you at least have an idea of the size wedding you are planning you’re off to a good start. If a venue you are interested in has room for no more than 200 people and the list you have in mind could be around that range, you might want to take the time and actually write it all out to make sure you will be under the limit. Once you have found your perfect venue, knowing your guest count will also help when searching for wedding rentals in Orlando. It will be a guide when choosing your wedding inventory.


2. Talk to a wedding planner

The wedding planner is the most involved person in any given wedding and they can usually give you good recommendations on the best venues and the property managers. Start with telling them what type of wedding you have in mind and they most likely will have some options for you to explore.


3. Wedding Theme

Are you looking to do a formal wedding in an indoor hall or an informal wedding outdoors? Ask yourself these questions because it will determine the kind of venue that you will need as well as the type of wedding rentals that you’ll be looking for. You can work with a barn or a garden if you are looking for an outdoor vibe or even a museum if you’re looking for a sophisticated place that not many couples opt for. A good example is the Maitland Art Center where couples can enjoy a unique eclectic wedding. No matter what style you choose for your big day, Gala Rental has the most beautiful wedding rentals in Orlando to meet your needs.


4. Plan for the experience of your guests

If you’re having out-of-town guests, you should consider a wedding venue that is close to a hotel that can accommodate most of your guests at a reasonable budget. Find out if the hotel can give you some discount on the rooms, transportation from the hotel to the venue and other little things that can make your guests as comfortable as possible.


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