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Creating the Perfect Vintage Wedding

Creating the Perfect Vintage Wedding

More couples in Orlando are foregoing a formal wedding by using a vintage wedding theme. Many times, it allows guests, the wedding party, and the lucky couple to relax and enjoy a memorable experience that is as unique as the couple. If you are considering a vintage wedding, then here are some tips you will want to follow.

Choose the Right Location

You can think of your location as the backdrop. Therefore, it is crucial to choose one that creates a vintage setting for your wedding. There are several mansions in the Orlando area that you can use for your wedding. If you are looking for more of a jazz-and-flapper-style wedding, you may want to think about a ballroom. Do not worry, if another location is where you want to host your wedding as there are many ways to incorporate a vintage vibe.

Pick Vintage-inspired Invitations

Help guests get in the mood for your wedding by choosing vintage-inspired invitations. You will want to word your wedding invitations so that everyone knows what to expect. You may want to draw inspiration from antique postcards for the images for your wedding invitations. Do not overlook the possibility of choosing a material, like lace, cork or yellowed paper, to help set the tone. If you want your guests to come dressed in a certain way, then state that plainly on the invitation, which gives everyone time to prepare.

Select Your Favorite Vintage-wedding Attire

You may choose to focus on a decade before choosing your wedding attire. The bride who prefers a Victorian wedding may want to consider lacy tea gowns or lawn dresses. If you are aiming to bring out the party-side, then a Gatsby dress may be a perfect choice. Brides focusing on the 1960s and 1970s may want to consider alternatives with Empire bustlines and sleeveless designs.

Choose your Reception Décor

Incorporating vintage items in your wedding reception décor is a great way to decorate. Birdcages, teacups, and vintage books are outstanding accent pieces if you want to give your wedding a romantic overtone. If you are going for more of a Roaring 20s tone, then think about using bold candlestick and brass accents.

Pick the Right Wedding Furniture

There are many ways that you can use wedding furniture to help carry out your vintage wedding theme. Consider using vintage-inspired chairs and tables to create a perfect setting for the wedding couple and their special guests. Strategically place pots filled with flowers throughout your reception area. Choose the right lamps or candelabras to create mood lighting.

While many choices go into creating a vintage wedding, one decision is very easy. Save money while getting excellent service by contacting Gala Rentals for your wedding rentals in Orlando. They will be glad to inspect your chosen location and give you suggestions to bring your ideas to life. Then, they will deliver, install, and pick up your wedding rentals in Orlando.