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Creating Your Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Creating Your Wedding Reception Seating Chart

One of the last things that many couples do is to create a seating chart for their wedding. If you are having a small affair of under 25 people, then you can often skip this step altogether. If your affair is larger, however, then make sure to let people know where you expect them to sit if you are serving a sit-down meal.


Start Early

Many caterers report that they have couples telling them that they are sitting at their kitchen tables the night before the wedding creating their seating chart. While guests love to know where they are sitting, so do caterers because they can prepare the food by table if you ask people ahead of time what the main entrée they prefer. Start early so that you do not feel stressed because you will want to spend time with your friends and family.


Put it On a Spreadsheet

In order to create your seating chart, list all your guests on a spreadsheet. Then, list their relationship to the people who are getting married. Then, take your master list and divide it into different categories. Finally, start assigning people to tables. Trying to deal with the complete guest list at one time can be an overwhelming task.


Know How Many Tables Hold Comfortably

You need to know how many people can sit comfortably at each table. A six-foot rectangle table sits six people comfortably. You can sit two more if your tables are eight feet long. If you are opting for round tables, then you can sit eight people at a 60-inch round table and ten at a 72-inch round table. In case you have questions, locations offering wedding rentals in Orlando can help. Some people find it easier to draw the tables and put sticky notes with people’s names on them.


It’s Your Wedding- Do It Your Way

Some couples choose to have a head table and sit their brides and grooms along it according to their guest with the lucky couple in the middle. Others choose to have all attendees for one person sit next to them while all the bridal party sit next to the other person. Some couples choose to skip the head table altogether. Still, other lucky couples choose to sit at a small table just for them allowing them time to have a private conversation while everyone is eating.


Parents Table

If both parents are alive and get along, then it is traditional to sit them at a table along with other close family members and the officiant if they attend the reception. If the parents are divorced, then consider sitting each one at their own table surrounded by their favorite people. Again, it’s your wedding, so you can do it your way.


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