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Six Steps to Create a Cohesive Theme for Your Wedding

Six Steps to Create a Cohesive Theme for Your Wedding

The day you get engaged is an exciting time.  You've officially decided on forever with the love of your life.  This creates an exhilarating emotion that deserves to be cherished.  Enjoy this bliss for a few days before the wedding questions begin rolling in at lightning speed.  When is it?  Where is it?  Have you thought about colors?  These questions will likely float in your brain until you make the choices for your big day.  As a wedding rental furniture company in Orlando, we help to make your big day special by providing a one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs.  When you set out to plan your wedding, there are six steps you can take to create a cohesive theme for your wedding day.

Choose Your Theme

After the engagement celebrations die down, you and your future spouse will want to sit down and discuss what you want your big day to look like.  Consider color choices and overall themes you want to incorporate.  This could be affected by the time of year you choose to get married, for the seasons often lend themselves to wedding themes.  Or perhaps you and your significant other have common interests that you want to incorporate into your day.  Make these choices as a pair, because many of the other wedding choices will be based off the overall wedding theme you choose together.

Pick the Dresses

After you choose the overall theme you want to incorporate into the day, it's time to get to the bridal shop with your girls to pick both your dress and the bridesmaid dresses.  You want to choose dresses that reflect your style.  Also, dresses often come in many colors and with many features, so consider how elegant or how simple you want them to be.  Only look for dresses that come in the color choices you want.  Be sure to ask the opinions of both your girls and the stylist, who can help lead you to make the best choice for your day.

Choose Flowers

Flowers will enhance your wedding day by adding a fresh pop of color and a natural element to your day.  After you've chosen the dresses, theme, and color scheme, you'll want to discuss flowers with an expert florist or wedding rental company.  They will be able to recommend perfect arrangements that suit your overall theme.

Choose Centerpieces and Table Decorations

Centerpieces and tablescapes are great decorations to help add attractive qualities to your wedding day.  People spend a lot of time sitting at their assigned table during your wedding reception, so you want to make sure to give them some beautiful centerpieces to admire and discuss with other guests.  This can be elegant candles, beautiful flower arrangements, or fancy glass bowls.  The centerpiece options are endless.

Choose Your Stationery

When it comes time to choose your paper goods and your wedding stationery, be sure that you integrate the theme you chose.  Whether you choose a simple monogram to go with an elegant, understated theme, or perhaps you choose a logo with an olive branch to go with an earthy, rustic theme, you want to make sure it fits with your overall view of your wedding day.  Remember that your stationery is the first impression of your wedding, so you want to make sure it is consistent.

Choose Matching Details

You've officially reached the final stages of the wedding preparation process:  the little details.  In order to stay consistent with the theme, add details that fit in with your overall goals.  Add signs, pictures, thank you cards, and place settings that reinforce the theme you love.

As you embark on the wedding planning journey, follow these simple steps to ensure that your theme is cohesive and consistent throughout all the details of your big day.  Contact our rental service for wedding rental furniture in Orlando to hear about how we can help with any of your wedding needs.