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Four Things You Should Rent for Your Wedding

Four Things You Should Rent for Your Wedding

When you first set out to plan your wedding day, you may not initially realize how fast all the spending can add up.  Although they are among the best days of your life, weddings are expensive to plan.  Sticking to a wedding budget may seem like a daunting task, but it can be made easier with wedding rentals in Orlando.  By renting certain items that you'll only need to use on that specific day, you can save lots of money on wedding necessities.  There are four things that you will absolutely want to rent on the day of your wedding.

Table Linens

Items like table clothes, runners, and napkins are expensive to purchase and instead should be rented from a quality rental company.  When you are choosing your table linens, be sure to keep your theme and style in mind.  Also, rentals companies will assist with both the set up and tear down of the linens, which include the laundry service as well.  When you are laundering for over a hundred guests, this could take a lot of time and resources.  Trust the rental company with these responsibilities.

Candle Holders and Vases

Many people use candles to create atmosphere and add ambience to their wedding day.  Flowers are also integral parts of most wedding days.  However to keep these items looking great, candle holders and vases are required.  These are great things to rent, simply because they are just adding a decorative element and then they can be returned.  Many rentals companies have a wide variety of these items to help you match your desired style and wedding design.


Although most wedding venues will supply with you tables and chairs for your wedding event, you may want to create other entertainment spaces using fancy furniture.  Creating spaces for people sit and relax or enjoy a cigar have become popular for weddings today.  These spaces can be created using rental furniture.  Typically, rental companies will also bring and set up the furniture at your wedding venue to save you from the hassle of coordinating this as well.


Many wedding venues have glassware on hand that you can use.  In order to save on expenses, we recommend that you use their glassware for your event.  If you are looking to upgrade or enhance the style of the glassware to help match your wedding theme, you can rent glassware from our wedding rentals in Orlando.  Even though it may seem cheaper to go to a wholesale shop, it is actually still more cost-effective to rent.  Also, think about where you will store hundreds of glasses once you purchase them.  Consider the logistics and rent them instead.

These are four of the things you should rent when you are planning your wedding.  Because these items are difficult to store and can be expensive, you should avoid purchasing them.  This is also a great way to save money and help you stick to your wedding budget. If you are looking for quality wedding rentals in Orlando, contact us today to hear about our inventory.