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Four Tips for Brides Planning a Wedding during COVID-19

Four Tips for Brides Planning a Wedding during COVID-19

It's no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the event industry, especially large events and gatherings like weddings.  Many brides have had their dream weddings upended, changed, altered, or even cancelled.  This has caused stress, anxiety, anger, and sadness surrounding a day that is supposed to only be full of joy and celebration. As a company that supplies wedding rentals in Orlando, we understand the frustrations and confusion that brides and their planning committees are feeling right now.  We have some tips for brides and grooms planning their wedding during COVID-19, including a few ways to combat all the challenges that it has brought to the process.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is essential when you are working through the process of planning a large event at a time with social restrictions are heavily enforced.  Look into vendors that allow cancellations, require later deposits, or only charge small fees for changing dates.  Working with flexible people will also help you stay calm and avoid stress.  Many event companies, like our wedding rentals in Orlando, are altering some of our policies in order to meet the challenges and unknowns about the industry's future.

Keep Perspective

Even though this is your big day, you still want to consider your guests, which will likely primarily consist of loved ones.  Accounting for your guests' health and travel concerns is critical when you are planning a wedding, especially when this may put them at risk.  Determine whether you believe that risk is worthwhile by talking to your guests and gauging their concerns.  Remember what is important throughout the process.

Recognize Your Priorities

If your priority is to have a big wedding, you may have to be patient and wait until many social restrictions are lifted and risks are mitigated.  Talk with your fiancé to determine your priorities and your non-negotiables.  After you determine these, you may narrow your vision and be able to plan the wedding that truly meets everything on your list.

Stay Hopeful

At the end of the day, you are still planning your wedding, which has likely been a dream of yours for many years.  Brides and grooms still deserve to have the positivity and happiness surrounding them during their special day, even if their vision didn't come to life exactly as planned.  As you continue working on the plans, stay hopeful and positive.  This will make the process much more enjoyable, which is what it is intended to be.

These are a few tips that brides and grooms that are trying to plan their wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic can follow in order to get through it all.  Flexibility, patience, and a great support system will help you as you navigate through these unchartered waters and continue to persevere and plan the day that you've always imagined.  If you are looking for quality wedding rentals in Orlando, you'll want to trust the best in the business.  Contact us to hear how we can help you make your wedding visions come to life today.