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Four Wedding Trends for 2020 You Need to Know About

Four Wedding Trends for 2020 You Need to Know About

Each year, there are always current and updated wedding trends that many engaged couples need to know about before they start planning their big day.  Many couples want to create the best wedding day they can, and that typically involves giving their guests an experience to remember.  They can do so with these trends.  From using event rentals in Orlando to choosing the perfect venue, engaged couples have a lot of decisions to make when they plan their wedding.  This can be made easier by doing research to understand what's popular.  Here are a few wedding trends that are projected to be popular this year.

Destination Weddings

Many people love to plan destination weddings, because they usually involve a beautiful location and an all-inclusive wedding package.  However, some shy away from this because of the difficult logistics.  In 2020, destination weddings in exotic locations are making a comeback.  If you and your fiancé have always dreamed about tying the knot in the rainforest on the coastline of a beautiful country, this is your year.

Bold Colors

One of the first decisions most people make when they are planning their wedding is what color scheme they will use.  This color scheme then dictates many of the details, including the cake, flowers, table linens, and any other event rentals in Orlando you might need.  It is critical decision.  This year, bold colors are popular.  Pops of oranges, bright blues, and purples spread amongst neutral colors have become a popular way to intrigue guests.  Pops of colors are a great way to add character and flair into your wedding day.


Some people opt out of videography when they plan their wedding.  However, in 2020, people will be increasing their use of video to capture their big day.  In fact, drones have become a popular way to capture highlights of the venue and the beautiful sprawling landscape to capture everything from the vows to the last dance.

Specialty Bars

Open bars are a staple at many weddings.  This allows your guests to enjoy whatever drinks they desire all night long.  Nowadays, specialty bars and drinks have become a popular way to showcase your interests as a couple.  Many people have been serving a drink designed by the bride and the groom to add some personality to the otherwise boring open bar.  This gives their guests a taste of what they enjoy.

These are just a few of the wedding trends that have been and will continue to be popular during the year 2020.  If you are a bride or groom planning your wedding right now, you likely already have visions of what you want to include in your big day.  These can help steer you in the right direction, which can help you choose event rentals in Orlando, decorations, and stationery.  If you are looking for some assistance in creating the best atmosphere for your wedding, contact us today to talk to one of our wedding consultants.