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Three Types of Tents You Can Rent for Your Wedding

Three Types of Tents You Can Rent for Your Wedding

Are you planning for an outdoor wedding but want to have a tent to add style and protection?  Tents are a great way to host an event in the outdoors without having to compromise on the style and elegance of your dream wedding.  Many tents come with windows, options for siding, and many other customizable options so that you can match your overall vision.  At Gala Rentals, we offer many wedding rentals in Orlando to make sure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch.  We will come out to the venue to set up and tear down anything you rent from us, which allows you more time to enjoy your day.  There are a few types of tents that you can rent for your wedding.

Pole Tents

Like the name suggests, pole tents have tall poles in the middle of the tent that provide a nice arched rooftop.  These tents are tensioned and supported by stakes on the perimeter.  This tent is preferred because of the arches that are created with the poles in the middle.  Many of our renters choose this tent because of the aesthetic and design that this creates.  

Frame Tents

Frame Tents are among the most spacious, which makes them great for larger weddings.  These tents also have flexible layout options that allow them to be customized to your needs.  They allow you to choose side panels that either have windows or not.  They also allow you to choose different shapes, but the most common are round or rectangular, as they seem to work best with weddings.  Even though these tents have the least unique aesthetic out of the three options, they are the most affordable and customizable choice for weddings.

ClearSpan Tents

These tents are perhaps the aesthetically pleasing, as they have clear sides and tops that allow visibility.  These may get warm in the hot months in Florida, which is why many brides opt out of this tent.  However, if you have your wedding planned at a venue with lots of trees and shade opportunities, this tent is a great way to bring the outdoors into your tend and provide breathtaking views for your guests to enjoy.  This type of tent can withstand extreme weather, including high winds.

These are the most common types of tents that you can rent to add style and protection to your wedding.  Planning an event can be stressful and expensive, but when you rent what you need, you can save money.  Also, you can trust the professionals to assist you with set up and tear down, which means you'll be able to focus on enjoying your big day.  If you are looking for quality wedding rentals in Orlando, contact us to hear about our wide array of supplies to help make your day special.