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3 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy for Your Big Day

3 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy for Your Big Day

Wedding planning is expensive and time-consuming. It doesn't matter if you're having a small quaint ceremony or a huge guest list of hundreds of people; you have likely experienced some level of sticker shock as you are making your way through the stages of planning your nuptials. Renting certain items for your big day instead of purchasing them is one great way to cut your costs. You can rent nearly every material and accessory you need to pull off a successful wedding through a wedding rental company.

Rental companies carry oversized items like bars, tables, chairs, tents, lounge furniture, and dance floors. They can also provide more minor details for your wedding, like napkins, linens, glassware, and chinaware. Purchasing these items instead of renting them would cost you two to three times the money a rental will run. Using wedding rentals in Orlando can help reduce stress levels, save you money, and help you secure all your wedding planning needs.

Depending on the guest count, wedding rentals also offer the most flexibility regarding the number of items you will need for your event. Renting instead of purchasing items for your wedding allows you to avoid having to source, store, deliver, set up, and pack all of the things you have purchased. Wedding rental companies will pick up and drop off items at your destination, making much less work for you. Believe it or not, wedding rentals help the environment too. Renting allows for things to be used repeatedly and creates less waste.

The cost of wedding rentals can add up quickly, even though they do come at a fraction of the cost of purchasing items. This is especially true when you're hosting a large wedding with hundreds of guests because the price goes up based on how many guests you have. Therefore, it is always important to keep a realistic budget in mind for your wedding rentals.

One major con of renting for your wedding is that many items have to be handled with care because they're fragile. It is not uncommon for wedding rental items to be damaged or come up missing, and you will be responsible for the cost unless there is a liability waiver in place. Also, without the help of a wedding planner to manage the process, rentals can be a massive undertaking for you because there are many things to consider, like loading and unloading times for multiple vendors.

While the benefits of wedding rentals definitely outweigh the drawbacks, it's crucial to think about what items are worth renting for your big day. Experts recommend renting the following items instead of buying for your wedding:

Tables and chairs

There's no reason to purchase tables and chairs outright unless you buy your own event venue. Purchasing tables and chairs mean that you have to set up and transport them even if the wedding is in your backyard. You will also waste your time and energy post-wedding by having to break them down and store them. The cost of purchasing tables and chairs can add up very quickly. Renting is a better idea for your tables and chairs, but be sure to discuss the setting up and breaking down with your rental vendor because there is usually an added fee for that.


It's improbable that you will need 100 or more place settings or napkins in your future, even though table linens are probably something you need in your life. Renting your linens helps everything look beautiful at the wedding but doesn't leave you with a mess to deal with afterward. In addition, ordering extra linens can be helpful to prevent any stress from finding linen that has been delivered stained or having mismatched linen in the package.


The time and labor it takes to set up and break down lighting are often more difficult and time-consuming than you think it will be. Renting lighting means having professionals handle setup and breakdown and takes extra worries off of your plate because if there is an issue, they will be responsible for fixing it. It is necessary to talk to your wedding venue about rental lighting to ensure enough power and understand what you can and can't do. A wedding rental lighting team often has questions about a venue's power situation and how many other items will need power to ensure that you don't lose lighting during your big day. You're more likely to get an accurate cost proposal if you are prepared to answer these questions

Wedding rentals are a perfect choice for more oversized items and linens. Contact us today for more information on our wedding rentals in Orlando and what we can offer to make your big day as beautiful and stress-free as you always dreamed it would be.