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7 Tips for Decorating a Wedding Reception on a Budget

7 Tips for Decorating a Wedding Reception on a Budget

You don't have to sacrifice dream decor elements just because you are planning a budget-friendly wedding celebration. The most crucial step to planning wedding decor is for you and your partner to create a wedding budget that works well for you both. Creating a budget will help you know how much you can spend on decorating your ceremony and reception the way you always dreamed of. Our experts offer these budget-friendly decorating tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding.

Feature items from home

Your home represents your personal style and taste. Acquiring some items from the home to decorate your wedding reception can help you stay within budget. These items could include chairs, pillows, blankets, rugs, and picture frames. There are so many different items available in your home to help keep you within your decorating budget and make the reception feel like your own.

DIY projects

In recent years, do-it-yourself wedding decorations have become very popular. They are an easy and affordable option that can get loved ones involved in your wedding decorating process and save you money along the way. A quick Google search will likely find you millions of DIY ideas for decorating your wedding.

Be creative with centerpieces

Though not all rules were made for breaking, breaking the traditional restrictions on arranging your centerpieces is an excellent place to start. Centerpieces can include anything from lanterns, books, floral arrangements, and mismatched glassware. The important thing is to find centerpieces that make you happy. If you love your wedding table decorations, it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. Look around your house for sentimental items that you could use, or talk to family members about things of theirs that you love to help make them feel like an essential part of the wedding.

Light draping

Lighting is a surprisingly simple way to transform your wedding space into something beautiful and magical. Strategically hanging twinkle lights can instantly add an elegant and welcoming touch to your reception area.

Rent instead of buy

Wedding rentals in Orlando are a budget-friendly way to transform your wedding reception into the moment of your dreams. Rental opportunities are endless and can range from seating to decorative elements offered at a fraction of the cost of buying them outright. A great bonus is that while you're saving time and money, you don't have to locate everything yourself.

Wedding rental services often have elaborate setups that you can look at to get ideas about how you want things to be at your wedding. They also typically handle all of the transportation for rental items on your wedding day.

Buy second hand

When there are particular items that you want to include in your wedding reception that are difficult to find at rental places, you may consider looking into second-hand shops. Thrift stores often have amazing, unique items that you can use as centerpieces or statement pieces. Sometimes you can even find furniture to be used for seating. If you're open to creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Make an impact

Focusing on one or two large items that will have a considerable impact on the look and feel of a space can be helpful. However, not incorporating dozens of over-the-top design elements can leave extra money in your budget and help you find jaw-dropping items to complement the small details and leave a lasting impression.

Gala Rental offers wedding rentals in Orlando to help keep your reception budget-friendly. Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your wedding as unique as you expect it to be.