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Everything You Should Rent for Your Wedding

Everything You Should Rent for Your Wedding

Have you been trying to budget for your dream wedding?  Are you constantly adding more expenses to your wedding only to realize that you may not get everything you wish for?  Weddings can become expensive quickly, and this can lead to stress and frustration in the days leading up to your big day.  In order to save yourself the stress and the money, you should consider renting certain items that you need to make your day your dream.  These are many of the items that you can rent for your wedding.

Linens, Napkins, and Runners

Many couples choose a specific color scheme that may require them to rent out linens, napkins, and runners for their big day.  When you are looking for a specific color or design, you will want to save your money by renting these items instead of purchasing them.  


Don't waste your money buying countless vases for your floral arrangements.  Instead, consider renting these vases from your local rental company or your florist.  Often times, they will provide you with a discount when you are already renting other items from them.  Buying your own vases is not only expensive, but it is difficult when it comes time to store all these items after the day is done.

Upgraded Chairs and Tables

Some venues only offer dirty or outdated tables and chairs as part of their rental package.  Brides that are looking to create a specific aesthetic may want to consider swapping out these tables and chairs with other furniture that matches their vision.  Chivari chairs, high top cocktail tables, and long tables are all popular ways to add a bit of design to your big party.

Other Furniture

It is becoming extremely popular to rent furniture to create separate lounge spaces at your wedding reception.  Many people like to create their own cigar lounge with a few couches or large comfortable cushioned seats.  Also, they can spruce up any outdoor space with wicker patio furniture or their own little high top tables for cocktail hour.  Our wedding rental furniture in Orlando offers many choices for you to make your wedding unique and customized to your liking.

Upgraded Place Settings or Chargers

Are you looking to add more style to the place settings?  Caterers often use basic dishware that may be unappealing to you.  To spruce up the tables a bit, consider renting upgraded plates or dishware so that you can add style.  Many people love to rent plates that have gold or silver shimmery accents to match their overall wedding design.


Some wedding venues do not include glassware in their rental.  Others only include certain glasses.  If you are looking to have a signature drink or a special toast, you may want to rent out the glassware to make the experience more realistic.  Champagne glasses, cocktail cups, old fashioned tumblers, and high ball glasses are all available for rental.

These are some of the things you should consider renting when you have a wedding.  Items like your dress, tuxedo, other apparel, custom signs, and decorations can be purchased, but to save yourself some money, you'll want to rent what you can.  Contact Gala Rental to hear about our wedding rental furniture in Orlando today.