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Five Signs You May Need for Your Wedding

Five Signs You May Need for Your Wedding

Are you wondering how to make each and every detail of your wedding meaningful and attractive?  Wedding details, like decorations, tableware, linens, and signage, are some of the things that people will remember most.  Although they may not seem very important, you will still want to take careful consideration when choosing the details of your wedding day.  Our wedding rentals in Orlando can help with everything you need, like tableware, linens, furniture, and signs.  There are a few different signs you may choose to have at your wedding.

Welcome Sign

To showcase your love, your date, and your overall theme, a welcome sign is the best way to greet all your guests.  Many people have welcome signs at the entrance of their wedding venue, to indicate that the party is just around the corner.  This is a great way to introduce your guests to the overall aesthetic and feeling of your wedding, and it also serves a functional purpose to direct your guests the right way.


If your wedding venue offers more than one reception space, you will want to provide your guests with the right directions to your wedding.  Also, you may have a different location for the ceremony and the reception, which will also involve some coordination.  Consider cute and functional wayfinding signs so that you can guide your guests to where they need to go.

Ceremony Signs

To welcome your guests to your ceremony and indicate the order of events, consider having signs or programs.  These will help orient your guests in the events and guidelines for your ceremony.  For example, if you have a religious ceremony, you can indicate when guests should sit, stand, or join in.

Bar Signs

Are you planning to have a signature cocktail or bar menu?  Indicate this information to your guests using cute bar signs.  Many people choose to have both a bride and groom signature drink, and they use attractive signage to tell their guests what's included in the drink.  Bar signs are actually becoming a popular and trendy addition to many weddings.

Favor Signs

Instead of having favors at each place setting, it is becoming a popular trend to keep favors at a specific table.  This will require signs that tell your guests to "take one."  Favors signs are also great ways to draw your guest's attention to this area so they can sign guest books and also take something special home in return for spending your big day with you.

These are just a few of the signs you may choose to have at your wedding.  Weddings require many hours of planning in order to get every detail perfect and ready for the day.  For this reason, you will want to trust professionals to help you with whatever they can.  Our wedding rentals in Orlando are here for your linens, signs, furniture, tableware, and much more.  Contact us to hear how we can help your big day come to life today.