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Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out from the Rest

Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out from the Rest

Nowadays, it seems like we are always scrolling through pictures of beautiful weddings and events that all take our breath away.  Each event is different than the last, but they are all stunning, Pinterest-worthy, and well thought-out.  This may make current brides pause and think how they can make sure their wedding stands out from the pack.  As a company that works in the wedding industry providing event rentals in Orlando, we feel like we have seen it all.  However, every event has a bit of uniqueness that makes it truly stand out from the others.  These are a few ways to add your own stamp and make your wedding stand out from the rest.

Provide Transportation

To enhance the experience for your guests, consider getting transportation.  Many people choose to get creative with their transportation options by renting limos or trolleys.  These unique experiences not only provide your guests with a safe way to get around after the party, but they create memories that will last much longer than the event itself.

Create Cute Photo Opportunities

Making your wedding photo-worthy has become one of the most creative trends currently.  It is becoming popular to have a wedding hashtag on social media so that all guests can view these photos while scrolling.  It creates a virtual photo album for guests to upload and share their photos as a group.  Many people add photo walls with flowers, greenery, curtains, and other fun features to make their backdrops stand out on their big day.

Have a Cocktail Hour

Wedding receptions often start with a cocktail hour to give people a chance to mingle, catch up, and grab a drink.  Instead of starting your reception with a dinner, where people will be sitting down and listening to speeches immediately, consider this option to add some dynamics to your event.  Cocktail hours are a great option to allow your guests to unwind after your ceremony, take photos, and engage in small talk with others.

Perform Choreographed Dances

Choreographed dances have also become a fun and entertaining touch to many wedding parties.  When you want to surprise your groom with something special, consider choreographing a dance with your bridesmaids to wow him.  These memories will create a fun environment that sets a positive and upbeat tone for the rest of the night.

Serve Late-Night Bites

After dinner, your guests will likely enjoy a night full of drinking, dancing, and mingling.  A few hours into the dance party, they may start to crave something to eat once again.  Offering late-night bites is a unique way to keep the party alive while also adding a personalized touch to your event.  If you and your spouse love tacos, consider a late-night taco bar to showcase touches from your life.

By following these tips, you can take the steps to ensure your wedding stands out from the rest and is one of the best and most memorable days of your life.  If you want to make sure that your wedding goes off without any errors, you want to work with the best event rentals in Orlando.  Contact Gala Rentals for any of your wedding or party rental needs today.