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Four Small Details that You Should Not Forget on Your Wedding Day

Four Small Details that You Should Not Forget on Your Wedding Day

Are you looking for ways to make your wedding unique and unforgettable?  Do you want to add special touches to your wedding that showcase your relationship and journey as a couple?  By adding unique touches and elegant little details, you can make sure that you wedding day is one to remember for years to come.  With the help of our company for wedding rentals in Orlando, you can pull off a beautiful and luxurious wedding while still saving money.  These are some of the details that you may want to consider to make your day even more memorable and unique.

Guest Thank You Notes

Some people have written notes to each guest and placed them at their tables so that guests have something to read once they sit down.  Although this takes time and dedication, it is a beautiful touch that will have guests talking for years to come.  When you show guests how much you love and value them, they too will feel like a special part of your day.


Decorating the table with centerpieces has been a long-standing tradition at weddings for many years.  People chose flowers with beautiful vases, lit candles, or unique themed centerpieces to add a touch of luxury and color to the tables.  However, a rising trend is to include menus at each place setting to indicate what food can be expected at dinner.  These beautiful pieces of stationery often carry the color scheme and style of the wedding while informing guests of what food is headed their way.

Memory Table

Many of us have loved ones that are unable to make it to our special day, as they have left us too soon.  However, we all know that these individuals are still with us, and memory tables are an important way to share this message.  Many weddings have special place or memory table that shares photos and moments with those that we remember each day, and especially on this important day.

Photos Through the Years

Many of your guests will love to see pictures of you as a couple throughout the years.  When your guests are entertained throughout the wedding, they will enjoy more of their evening.  Entertaining your guests with videos, slideshows, or photo collages of your experiences as a couple will allow them to also get to know you even more.  This also showcases the love that you have for each other, which is the center of the day anyways.

These are a few of the details that you should consider involving in your wedding day to make the day more memorable and exciting.  When it comes to making your day special, you should get quality wedding rentals in Orlando to save money on attractive features.  Contact us to hear about our wedding rentals today.