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Four Wedding Trends that Are Emerging in 2021

Four Wedding Trends that Are Emerging in 2021

Are you preparing for your summer wedding?  Do you want to plan a wedding this year so that you can finally walk down the aisle and get married?  Many brides have had to postpone the wedding of their dreams due to the restrictions on events that the pandemic has placed on their lives.  People want to get together to celebrate their love with their friends and family, but the health restrictions have made that impossible.  However, as the pandemic continues, brides are growing restless and want to have their wedding day.  As a company that offers event rentals in Orlando, we can help make that possible with all the right decorations and furniture.  There are a few wedding trends that can make your 2021 wedding beautiful, elegant, and safe for everyone.

Backyard Weddings

Have you ever considered transforming your backyard into the wedding venue of your dreams?  To avoid the threat of cancellation for large venues, many people are turning to their own backyards.  You can create a beautiful and alluring backdrop by using table linens, lights, and furniture arrangements to invite guests to enjoy the night celebrating under the stars.

Formal Dinners

Weddings with formal dinners are on the rise.  These events encourage people sit in pods of people that they came with, such as close friends or family that are already in their social distancing pod.  In order to increase their comfort levels with your event, they will be able to sit down, take off their mask, and enjoy the delicious food safely.

Mini Cakes

Individualized food portions are also becoming all the rage for 2021 weddings.  Many people are actually even designing individual mini wedding cakes instead of large, cascading cakes.  This gives people the chance to enjoy a delicious piece of cake without worrying about any health concerns, and it can also be an opportunity to add a creative design element to your wedding backdrop.  Unique shelving, accent furniture, and cascading display tables are used for these food displays.

Weekday Weddings

Because many people have had to reschedule their dream weddings, many people are now considering walking down the aisle on a weekday to fit it into the schedule.  Venues are booking up, and people are eager.  Weekday weddings are now becoming a popular way to make sure that everyone can have the wedding of their dreams in 2021.

These are a few of the trends that are making an appearance already in 2021.  With the continued pandemic, many brides are just ready to walk down the aisle, and they are finding creative ways to do this without having to sacrifice their big moment.  As a company that offers event rentals in Orlando, we are here to make your day special.  Contact us to hear about our available rentals for your wedding date today.