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Six Event Rentals that Can Elevate Your Wedding

Six Event Rentals that Can Elevate Your Wedding

Are you worried that your wedding will not stand out from the other ones that you have been to lately? When you have a wedding, you want it to be unique and customized to you as a couple.  You want all the details to reflect your love story.  However, it may seem like everyone is doing the same trends, and this can make it difficult to stand out in the mix.  As a company that offers event rentals in Orlando, we are here to help your day be more unique.  These are a few event rentals that can elevate your wedding day.


Furniture rentals have also become a common thing in 2021 weddings.  Give your guests a chance to connect by creating smaller spaces with comfortable sofas or chairs.  Place these comfortable seats near the dance floor so that those who do not want to join in on the dancing can still get a front row seat.  

Unique Vases

It has become a trend to use a variety of sizes and heights to decorate your tablespaces.  However, buying all of these vases can be expensive.  Instead, consider renting many unique vases that fit the flowers of your dreams.  These will showcase the beautiful flowers as centerpieces for your guests to enjoy.

Chivari Chairs

Boring and outdated chairs are now out.  Chivari chairs are in.  These chairs offer a more sleek and simplistic design that can enhance the appearance of the entire venue. When you do not want to add chair covers to the seating in your venue, you should consider getting chivari chairs for your event.  These also photograph well when you take photos your setup.


Do you plan on offering custom drinks at your wedding?  Create the ultimate experience by making the entire bar a great place to hang out.  Consider renting a bar with luxurious seating options, unique signage, and cool glassware.  Your guests will surely remember this, no matter how many drinks they consume while they are standing there.


Many people want to have outdoor weddings, but this can make it difficult to dance.  Grass or sand does not always make the best floor to break it down.  However, many people have been renting glass dance floor tiles to create the ultimate dance floor on the beach or in your own backyard.  These rentals are unique and will surely make a statement on your wedding day.

Chandeliers and Ceiling Treatments

Lighting options can also transform your space.  Many people have been renting chandeliers to fill their space with a statement piece.  These provide you with unique lighting options while also capturing the attention of your guests as you dine with your loved ones for the first time.  You may also want to consider tulle or other hanging curtains to create more appeal on the ceiling space.

These are a few different event rentals to consider to elevate your wedding.  When you are hosting a wedding in 2021 or 2022, you want to ensure that your wedding stands out from your friends and family.  Contact Gala Rentals to hear about our quality event rentals in Orlando to start planning your dream wedding today.