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Six Things You Should Not Forget to Rent for Your Wedding Day

Six Things You Should Not Forget to Rent for Your Wedding Day

Wedding planning comes easily to some brides, for they have been planning the details of the day since they were young.  Other brides, however, may have more difficulty, be more overwhelmed, or just not know where to stay when it comes time to plan their wedding.  All the logistics, dates, and timelines of the day can be difficult to coordinate, and all the vendors, food, drinks, and entertainment can also add up quickly to get you to your budget.  When you are planning a wedding, you will want to rent as much as you can so that you can save money without sacrificing the quality of your day.  These are a few things you should not forget to rent for your wedding.

Tables and Chairs

To save both money and the hassle, you should rent your tables and chairs from a professional company.  Not only will this save you money on having to buy all this furniture, but it saves you set-up and tear-down time as well.  A rental company will come and arrange your tables and chairs so that your set up is already taken care of on your big day.


Renting linens is also a great way to match the style of your wedding without having to invest your money in such expensive additions.  Many rental companies offer plenty of color choices so that you can watch your vision come to life.   You can rent everything from table clothes to napkins to drapery.


Are you planning to have an outdoor wedding?  To give your outdoor space some shade or weather coverage, you should consider renting a few tents.  These tents are great for provided covered seating options, protecting food and drinks from the heat, and just giving your venue an enhanced and fancy look.

Centerpieces or Décor

The expense of wedding decorations can add up quickly.  To prevent this expense from taking over your budget, consider renting centerpieces, signs, and other decorative items to enhance your wedding.  Items like votive candles, vases, lanterns, signs, easels, faux florals, and other decorative items are easy to rent.

Electricity and Lighting

Lighting can enhance your wedding evening and give guests a reason to party all night.  Whether you want a beautiful chandelier or aesthetically pleasing string lights, you should rent these items to save on costs.  Lighting can add ambience, style, and function to any wedding venue.


When it comes to weddings, many people have been creating entertaining spaces using our wedding rental furniture in Orlando.  Couches, antique dressers, mirrors, tables, and many other pieces of furniture are great for creating spaces for your guests to relax and enjoy during the reception or cocktail hour.

These are a few important things that you need to make sure you rent for your wedding day.  When you rent as much as you can, you save loads of money without compromising the quality and beauty of your special day.  If you are looking for quality wedding rental furniture in Orlando, contact Gala Rental to hear about our inventory today.