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4 Money-saving Tips for Wedding Rentals in Orlando

4 Money-saving Tips for Wedding Rentals in Orlando

You will put plenty of time and money into planning your wedding, so many money-conscious couples are excited to find ways to save a little bit of cash. Our experts offer the following tips for saving money on wedding rentals:

Compare different rental companies

You may have dozens of rental companies to choose from depending on where you are having your wedding. Even though it will cost you a little time and effort, it can often pay off in significant savings to do a little research on the different offerings and prices of rental companies in the area. If you discover that one company has most, or all, of the items you want, but they have higher pricing on a few things compared to competitors, talk to them about the price difference and see if they are willing to bargain with you. Also, keep in mind that tent prices will vary significantly based on the upkeep and age of the tent. So, if one company charges far less for a tent with the exact sizing as a competitor, it is probably because the tent is older and does not look as good as it used to.

Skip the rental package deals

At first glance, package deals may seem like the best bargain available, and for some situations, they are. Unfortunately, if your wedding has fewer guests than included in the package, you will still pay for those additional place settings. In addition, once you start substituting the items included, your rental provider will also begin to tack on extra fees. These fees can make what was originally a bargain not such a great deal after all. Most couples save money by only renting the things they need in the quantities they require.

Order the correct size wedding tent

It is essential to order the correct sized wedding tent. If you order a tent that is too large, you will end up paying for more room than you need, and it may end up looking like a bunch of guests did not show up. On the other hand, a wedding tent that is too small will result in your guests being intimately close to one another, causing them to feel uncomfortable and leave the event early due to the over-crowding and noise. Make sure to consult with the wedding rental company to get their expert opinion on the tent size that will best fit your needs. They have plenty of practical experience in the industry. They will help you determine the best coverage for your specific needs, like the number of guests, bar service, dance floor, buffet tables, and band accommodations.

Think about your seating

Another great way to save some money is to decline the more expensive wooden chairs and choose the cheaper plastic ones instead. Your guests will not even notice the difference in most cases, especially if you are using chair covers. However, if you are using wooden chairs to fit your theme, consider lowering the quantity by ordering plastic chairs for non-guests like the band and the catering staff. In addition, if you will perform your vows outside of the tent area, you can save money by not ordering two sets of chairs. Instead, assign ushers or family members to move the chairs into the tent after the ceremony or have your guests carry the chairs over on their own.

These are just a few tips for saving money on wedding rentals in Orlando. Contact us today for all of your wedding rental needs!