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5 Corporate Event Planning Tips

5 Corporate Event Planning Tips

Event planning plays an essential role in your company's marketing strategy. Event planning matters, whether planning a training session, holiday celebration, or annual fundraising event. Our experts on event rentals in Orlando recommend the following tips for planning corporate events:

Set goals and determine your budget

Identifying exactly what your company wants to accomplish with the event is a great start. Whether your focus is to educate staff members, launch a new product line, or raise money for a noble cause, goal setting will help determine the best way to allocate your budget. If you don’t have a budget in place, putting together a proposal is critical. You can't do much in the way of logistical planning until you know what you have to spend. Planning can begin once the budget is approved.

Have a plan

First, you need to confirm your vendors and set up a site walkthrough with your team—walkthrough all the event elements from top to bottom. Then, take plenty of notes, delegate duties, and impose manageable deadlines so everyone knows what is expected of them. Teamwork makes the dream work, they say.

Have a plan B

They also say that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. After all, it's Murphy's Law. Though this is not always the situation, there is a good chance that problems will come up with all the small details required in event planning. So expect the unexpected and have plans in place to manage issues head-on. For example, if you are planning an outdoor event, have a good plan in place if the weather gets dicey.

Use your creativity

Your corporate event does not always have to be all about the business. Use your creativity to host an engaging and fun event for your company. Research current event trends, ask vendors for suggestions, or consult your staff about things they would get excited about at a company event. No matter the event you are organizing, attendees will enjoy it more if you add elements of creativity.

Keep it social

Corporate events are an excellent way to harness the power of your company’s social media presence before, during, and after an event. Try creating a Snapchat filter to build excitement or developing a custom hashtag to share information, photos, and updates throughout the planning, execution, and follow-up phases. Another fun way to keep things social is to offer a digital photo booth incorporating your company logo and the custom hashtag you created. It might be fun to live stream your social media feed during the event for guests that used the hashtag or checked in to your event venue to create more involvement among attendees. Finally, post event photos on your company blog or social media pages once the event is over.

Use these tips for planning a successful corporate event. With goals and a budget firmly in place, arrange the logistics with room for unexpected changes. Then add a bit of creative inspiration and get everyone involved through effective social media hype. Then let the fun begin. And if you need event rentals in Orlando, we are here to help. Call us today for all your event planning needs.