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Five Rentals to Create a Wedding That Will WOW Your Guests

Five Rentals to Create a Wedding That Will WOW Your Guests

Creating the most perfect wedding day may take countless hours of planning, but it will be worth it in the end when you realize how wonderful everything comes together. When you are creating your wedding day, you want to learn ways to save money without compromising the style and vision you want to achieve. With our wedding rental furniture in Orlando, you can achieve everything you dreamed of and more. These are a few wedding rentals you should consider when you want to wow your guests.


Many brides choose unique ways to display their table arrangements and display information about their lives. Consider renting a beautiful, ornate mirror that matches your style. You can write information on the surfaces of the mirror to direct guests or just greet them with a unique wedding sign. As you prepare signs for your wedding, you will want to consider ways to make them different than others, and a mirror is a perfect way.

Fancy Tables

Your guests will relish in the fact that they are dining on beautiful tables complete with gorgeous tablescapes and flowers. When you choose a unique table, like a farm table or antique table, you can add some eclectic flair to your wedding day. These stylish elements will create a stunning place to enjoy the meal – and it will surely keep people talking for ages to come.

Wine Barrels

If you are planning a rustic wedding, you should consider hosting cocktail hour outdoors. By placing rented wine barrels throughout the grass or along the beach, you create a unique statement with your tables. People can stand around the wine barrels, setting their plates or cocktails on the barrels, and they can enjoy the stylish element that starts out your wedding night on the right note.


Create comfortable spaces for your guests to unwind by using couches and chairs. Choose from a range of stylish furniture, such as oversized leather chairs or wooden benches, that will enhance the appearance of your wedding day and also give guests a place to kick up their feet. You can create cozy corners in your wedding venue so that people can take a break from the dance floor to enjoy a cigar or catch up with other friends.


When you want to create a cookie or candy table, consider using an old, antique dresser. Styling these furniture pieces can add more appeal to your space while also using a functional space to adorn with sweets or guest favors. Dressers are also extremely customizable to meet the overall aesthetic of your wedding, giving everyone a reason to pause and take look.

When you want to create a wedding day that will wow everyone in attendance, you will want to go the extra limit to ensure that every detail is well-thought out and styled perfectly. As you prepare for your wedding, take a look at our wedding rental furniture in Orlando. Contact Gala Rental to hear about our range of quality rentals for your big day today.