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Six Expert Event Planning Tips

Six Expert Event Planning Tips

We're here to assist! Just let us know how our experienced event planners can help you with event rentals in Orlando.

Tent Events

When considering your upcoming tent event, there are a variety of concerns to be aware of:

  1. How many guests do you expect? Will they be sitting or standing?
  2. ​Will the tent be utilized with another structure? For instance, a patio or porch.
  3. ​Will you serve food? Is food service a buffet or plated style?
  4. ​What unique needs have to be met? For instance, a dance floor, a band, head tables, a bar area, etc.

Décor and Design

Décor and design features create a general "look and feel" for an occasion, changing an otherwise plain or boring space into one that "wows" visitors when they step into the room for the first time. A well-designed event distinguishes it from others.

Event design should be well considered in advance. Then, continue branding your occasion by taking the themes, color strategy, and messaging you employed in your marketing and translating them into the style of the event. Décor should be suitable for the kind of event, the audience, and your budget.

Coordinate your printed materials with the general look of the event. Examples of print materials used as décor include menu cards, programs, place cards, and table numbers.

The most vital thing to remember when attacking event design and décor is to have fun and be innovative! Don't be scared to use color and mix different designs and textures. Please contact us if you require assistance with the look and feel of your approaching event. Here are some simple but useful items to elevate the look of your event:

Linen Rentals

Table linens and napkins can drastically alter the look of an occasion. The possibilities are endless, from basic materials in every color of the rainbow to linens with texture and prints in luxury fabrics. For a pop of color on a limited budget, choose neutral-colored table linens and a napkin in a brilliant color.


Furniture rentals fulfill both form and function in an occasion. Couches and coffee tables come in diverse styles, textiles, and colors and can be employed to create comfortable lounge areas and fill up unused room simultaneously.


Uplighting forms a wash of color on the walls. Select one color (like red) or superior lighting that switches colors throughout the evening. Lights strung from the roof on a truss can deliver a spotlight effect from above and can be employed to draw attention to banquet tables, floral centerpieces, and the lecturer on stage. There are many other modes to integrate lighting into a space.

Votive candles build warmth in an enclosure and make it look sleek on a tiny budget. If the venue you are operating in does not allow votives, battery-operated LED candles are another alternative to get a similar look.


Floral centerpieces add appeal and detail to your tables. First, tell your florist what your color scheme is, and they can harmonize the florals. Then, continue the pop of color by choosing blooms in the same color family as your napkins for a simple yet attractive event design.

These are just a few tips for planning your next event. Contact us today for event rentals in Orlando and let us make the planning process easier.